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We don't mask odors, we break them down.

VentiFresh ECO uses space technology to freshen indoor air. Sized like a lemon fruit the device is small and portable, perfect for a carefree lifestyle. This device is the simplest way to keep the air around you fresh anytime, anywhere.


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Inspired by NASA's use of photocatalyst technology in the International Space Station, VentiFresh uses the same process to banish bad smells. Put simply, the UV catalyst core inside VentiFresh decomposes odor through natural photosynthesis and produces clean air as a result.


At only 2.48in x 2 in (6.3cm x 5.1cm), VentiFresh ECO is your compact solution to combat common household odors that live in diaper bins, cat litter boxes, shoe cabinets, refrigerators, and more.


VentiFresh passed Photobiological Safety Testing. It is certified safe to use around your pets and family. Without nasty chemicals or harmful by-products, VentiFresh puts your family (whether the human kind or the furry kind) first. With energy consumption as low as 3W per hour, it costs less than 50 cents every month to operate 24/7.

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Excellent for de-oderizing small spaces, with none of the nasty "hotel" smell

Our litter pan is used by 2 adult cats and we keep it on the first floor. If they use the litter, the smell pervades the 1st floor for quite a while. We tried Febreeze plug-ins (2 different fragrances) but the artificial scents were unbearable. The Venti-Fresh works perfectly. Unless we are in the room at the time when one of the cats uses the litter, we smell NOTHING. Excellent, creative product. Life-changer! 

Wonderful product!

I tested the product by putting crab shells and pee pads used by my Maltese in my kitchen trash can—works great. No nasty odors the next morning. Without VentiFresh the odor would have been awful. Wonderful product.

I highly recommend it to anyone!

Excellent odor eliminator and smart air cleaner for small spaces like bathroom, garbage pail and closets. Compact, quiet and effective with no filter needed. Highly recommend this product.

A Portable & Eco-Friendly Air Freshener

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